At Sprout Marketing we plant and cultivate ideas, strategies and social media content for our clients. We help organizations grow and connect with their customers through social media marketing.


We’re a network of strategic and creative marketing minds.

We work closely with you to strategize and design your marketing plan. Once the seeds are planted, we nurture them, adjusting as conditions change. After the harvest, we report back to you, using insights and analytics to germinate new ideas and plans. Most importantly, we get results and we connect businesses with their customers every day.

Together, we have nearly 30 years of marketing, communications, and sales experience. Here’s a snapshot of our roots.

Robbie Hickey
Owner + Marketing Strategist

Robbie started Sprout Marketing with the goal to do outstanding work for clients. He envisioned a marketing agency that was innovative and exciting, with employees who master the work-life balance.

Robbie’s multi-faceted marketing approach ranges from complex social media advertising campaigns to tourism marketing strategy and he works with clients such as start-ups, car dealerships, home improvement businesses, tourism & hospitality businesses and airports.

Robbie also the co-owner of Gros Morne Adventures where he oversees marine adventures and backcountry experiences.

Alli Johnston
Social Media Coordinator + Graphic Designer

Alli is like an elder of Internet marketing. In 1999 she landed a job with a Toronto web consulting firm where she answered the phone and tried to learn how to make coffee. As a tea drinker, she never mastered the coffee pot but did earn a new role as a copywriter, researcher and web usability expert. She helped organizations such as Ford, M&M Meat Shops and the Federal Government navigate the emerging online world.

After moving to Newfoundland she continued to propagate her marketing experience and worked with the Corner Brook ITU World Cup Triathlon, the Corner Brook Economic Development Corporation.

Alli learned to ski as part of her job as marketing manager at Marble Mountain Resort. During her nine years there, she also managed all aspects of the resort's marketing activities. She brought social media to Marble Mountain’s marketing toolbox and was the voice of the resort in both traditional and social media.

At Sprout Marketing, Alli works with clients to make content plans for social media and email marketing, and then creates the images and words to make the strategy real. Always accessible, she splits her time between Corner Brook and Exploits Island, a resettled community off Newfoundland’s northeast coast.

Samantha Martin
Social Media Coordinator + Photographer

Samantha Martin is a professional photographer, writer and editor who lives in Pasadena with her young family. She has spent the past two decades working in the magazine industry as well as running her own business, SAM Living.

Her extensive experience and wide range of interests in everything from the arts and the natural world to travel and business have taken her across the province and around the world in search of what’s intriguing and motivating, making connections, generating ideas, capturing moments and using her skills to share them with the world.

Sam moved to Newfoundland in 2010 from Georgian Bay, Ontario, where she worked as the managing editor of a home design, building and decorating magazine, Our Homes. In 2012, she relocated to Pasadena from St. John’s, where she helped create and run Home & Cabin magazine as editor-in-chief and photographer.

Once on the west coast, Samantha began offering her professional skills beyond the magazine industry, capturing people in their natural environments and helping businesses market themselves to the world through masterful photography and written content. She believes that small businesses are not only the backbone of any economy but also its creative power and source of endless energy.

Sam happily spends her free time hiking, sipping wine, picking wildflowers, playing in puddles with her daughter and trying new things.


What our clients say about us

National Shoe

We have been in business in beautiful Corner Brook for almost 80 years. During that time, we have seen marketing campaigns come and go.

Without social media marketing in today’s market you are surely left behind. We have been with Sprout Marketing since their inception and the results are the best we have ever seen.

The outside the box thinking and exceptional devotion to our business is outstanding.

If you are thinking about adding social media to your marketing strategy then Sprout is the only answer.

Joe Gash C.Ped.



We Offer

Your organization is a place where many different things are growing all at once. Does your social media marketing get buried under all of the other things it takes to be successful? We have the tools to create the ideal conditions for your message to reach the right audience at the right time.

Social Media

Social Media Management

It takes time to tend to your social media presence. With your input, we develop content, respond to customer inquiries, and drive sales leads. We become the voice of your business on social media.

Social Media Campaigns

Every organization has a season – a time when things can really get growing. We’ll work with you to understand your business cycle, narrow your target customer, nurture client engagement, and deliver the right message at the right time.

Social Media Strategy and Consulting

There are a lot of branches on the social marketing tree. We’ll help you choose the right platforms, set everything up for you, create a content plan, and work with your staff to keep things growing.


Work the fertile soil of your customer’s email inbox. Tell them about your new product line, your latest charity fundraiser, or give them advance notice of your most anticipated sale.

We’ll craft email marketing that will spread your latest news. We’ll also cross-promote with your social media marketing to build your email list.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions. We’ll work with you to produce engaging video content that shines a light on your brand. We can shoot commercials and live video to share on social platforms.


Customers are the roots of any business and nurturing the B2C relationship is paramount. Our Roots customer retention program aims to do just that. We send customized packages to customers on behalf of our clients that contain a simple thank you note and a collection of locally sourced products from our partners – Brewed Awakening and Saucy NL Co.

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Your website is your online home. It visually embodies your brand, but you shouldn’t neglect the words. Carefully crafted website copy tells your story, enriches your brand image, and helps move you up the list of search engine results.

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Like seeds, ideas can spread and pop up in unexpected places.

We work from several locations in Newfoundland. Where we are depends on the season and the needs of our clients, but wherever we’re working, we dig deep into our projects.

We’re mobile. We’re nimble. We’re adaptable. We’re easy to reach. And we’re ready to sit down and cultivate ideas with you.