Compliments to the Chef

Author – Jamie Fowlow

I’ve always tried to view the sales process like going out to eat.  I’m hungry (need), what am I in the mood for (want), and where will I go (decision making process).  Lots of factors come into play; like is this just a quick meal (grab a pizza), or a social outing with friends (nice restaurant).  

Let’s look at an automobile purchase….for most of us that’s the equivalent of going to a nice restaurant.  Big ticket item that you do occasionally.  What influences your decision making process?  A place you always go?  A place referred by friends? A place where the food is great?  Let’s make the assumption that you have a favourite restaurant where you go occasionally because the food is good, the service is decent and the prices are reasonable.  Pretend that your server in the restaurant is your vehicle sales consultant….you get a warm welcome, you are told the specials, given the menu, offered a drink.  You make your selection and the food is presented, it’s tasty as usual and your server checks in from time to time to make sure you are enjoying your meal and you are offered more drinks etc.  All in all, you have had another good experience and you will likely go back again.  If that same process happened at your car dealership you would likely drive away happy and maybe go back again in 3 or 4 years shopping for a new vehicle.  

Now let’s rewind this scenario….your server comes out with a delicious dessert and says “Compliments of the Chef!  The Chef wanted to thank you for dining with us”.  Would that change the perception of your dining experience?  Would that add some wow factor to an otherwise great meal experience?  Would you likely tell friends and family about dessert?  If I heard that story, I think I would be much more likely to go try that restaurant for myself.  

The Roots Customer Retention Program is your opportunity to do “Compliments of the Chef!”.  We like to partner with dealers or businesses that already offer a good experience, already have loyal customers and already have good customer survey scores.  We do this because it takes a lot to raise that bar even higher.